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Joya Playground Safety

Welcome to Joya! Our park is available for recreational use and City sponsored events. As you make plans to visit, please take note of the rules and restrictions for each of the play areas to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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General Park Rules

 City of Farmers Branch Code of Ordinances chapter 50-36 prohibited acts within city parks.

  1. No unauthorized selling of food, drink, merchandise or services 

  2. No unauthorized fires 

  3. No camping, smoking or golfing 

  4. No alcohol unless legally sold during a City-sanctioned event  

  5. No unauthorized motorized scooters, bikes or vehicles 

  6. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times 

  7. Feces shall be removed at once and disposed of in a sanitary manner 

  8. Do not leave trash; use the provided trash cans to dispose of trash

  9. The destruction, defacement or removal of any property is prohibited 

  10. The use of threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language is prohibited 

  11. No loitering between 10 PM - 5 AM

  12. Maximum capacity thresholds will be observed

Sphere Rules

  1. The sphere is intended for kids ages 5-12 

  2. Play at your own risk

  3. Adult supervision recommended

  4. No more than 20 kids per level

  5. Do not climb on the outside of the sphere

  6. No pushing or shoving

  7. Older children and teens, please be considerate and mindful of younger children in the area

Zipline Rules

  1. Intended for kids ages 5-12

  2. One child at a time per zipline

  3.  The zipline weight capacity is 150 lbs 

  4. Proper use is to sit and cross legs

  5. No standing on the seat

  6. No jumping 

  7. Do not walk in front of the zipline

  8. Play at your own risk

  9. Adult supervision recommended

Tot Playground Rules

  1. Intended for ages 2-5

  2. Older children should not use the tot playground

  3. Parents supervising tots should stay off the equipment as much as possible.

  4. One child per swing

  5. Do not hang from swing arms

  6. Play at your own risk

  7. Adult supervision recommended

General Park Rules
Sphere Rules
Zipline Rules
Tot Rules
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