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Joya is the 
Crown Jewel of 

Joya is an inclusive glow-in-the-dark playground that, while fun in the daytime, comes alive at night with interactive features that glow, allowing for day and evening play.

Joya Shere Green_edited.jpg

Joya (hoy ·ya)

Spanish term meaning Jewel. 

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Tot Playground

For ages 2 - 5
Over 7,000 square feet
Turf embankment play
Natural sensory play area
Ground level and ramp structured play
LED uplit spin zones

The Sphere

 27-foot Sphere 

Six levels of climbing

Hammocks and Light Panels 


Dense Mesh Enclosure

Recommended for school-aged children 5-12 and with adult supervision for children under 5.

Park Amenities

Handicap Accessible Restrooms

Walking Path Connecting to Rawhide Trail

Shade Structures and Bench Seating

Built-in Sound System 

Main Playground

Obstacle Course

Zip Line (Currently under Maintenance)

Spin Zone with LED lights

Glow Seating

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